Invitation to Be Purple

Hey fellow citizens! Do you find it annoying and unproductive to align exclusively with one ideology? Have you ever found a piece of conventional wisdom that has become obsolete? Are you frustrated when someone refuses to reason outside of denominational or political lines? If so, let's mix those two colors together and go with purple - now we can talk about anything and everything.

I hereby cordially invite you to be a Purple Person and write your thoughts about life, love & the pursuit of happiness, without the worry of misalignment.

All views are welcome. The world is a serious & bizarre place, and we need to be able to laugh at ourselves to relieve the stress.

The back story to the name of this blog is a rhyme I recall from when I was young about the "One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater". What's that?  It's a mythical beast in a song from the 1950's by Sheb Wooley - check out the video. Also, according to the fictitious account The One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater was an alien with a single eye and horn who descended on our planet simply to hunt for purple people. Upon entering Earth's rarified atmosphere the creature also gained the useful ability to fly - which made having wings all the more sensible. The standing hypothesis is that the creature came from a planet of Purple People Eaters who were probably running low on food. The situation became more complex when the beast finally realized there are no purple people on Earth other than small children who try to retaliate against their parental figures and patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Being unable to eat much of anything but grapes and plums, while raisins and prunes were a bit too dark for the finicky creature's palate, the Purple People Eater switched its focus to a career in show business. Although no real substitute for purple people, the monster's foray into the entertainment industry was met with a modicum of success when it played a background actor in such television shows as Twilight Zone and The Ed Sullivan Show. The creature also landed the leading role in My Stepdad's a One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater, in which it portrayed the Stepdad. Later, the alien became a minor pop star who also appeared on stage, radio, and the silver screen.

This blog is an invitation to participate in politics and democracy (not in the sense of the specifically defined Democratic party, but of the general definition of the word democracy that our country was founded on). Basically, it's an outlet to talk about anything and everything: life is politics.  I would also like to reconnect the head and the heart; revive the synergy between the intellect and the spirit. To be the color purple is to mix red and blue; liberal and conservative; adamant and nonchalant; seriousness and goofiness; stone and water; right and left; this and that, etcetera. This is an invitation to share what's on your mind, think out loud, explore your own angle, and maybe make sense of the nonsense (or just point out absurdity). 

Think of the way the news is presented... the details are carefully sifted through and what gets broadcast is usually hyperbole (that is, exaggerated for effect).  The national discourse can be wacky and acid-tongued and combative - the left and the right are not seeing straight and we're going cross-eyed - our national solidarity is crumbling because the middle-ground is disappearing; the practice of diplomacy is seen as weakness.  I am not seeking to form a small pact of righteous agreement, however, I do wish to help foster a greater openness to discussion and cooperation.  I want to see if I'm having delusions of grandeur or if I can actually reinvigorate and motivate myself to feel less encumbered/embittered by the current culture of extreme views, extreme sports, extreme cooking throw downs, extreme weather, and extreme celebrity gossip. This is my reconnaissance mission to find and conspire with other purple people out there trying to do the same thing. 

This is a spot to write what's on our minds about everything from your plot of land (or maybe your studio apartment) to the whole world and the stars above - to figure out what makes sense and what doesn't (so please feel free to call me on something incorrect or stupid).  I have a poetic sensibility that reduces the complexities of 7 billion people on one planet into singular representative images, but I'm hoping to provide an outlet for myself and others to expound and articulate and investigate the way things have been, are, and might be.

What to write, you wonder?

Write about the #Occupy movement, the tiny-house movement, or other movement that is happening.  Write about the lack of urban art on the streets these days.  Write about the merits, or lack thereof, of Harry Potter VS. the Twilight Saga.  Write about how no one should suffer financially due to their socio-economic circumstances.  Write about poor or excellent city planning.  Write about the correlation between animal fat and weight gain.  Write about the best piece of art you experienced this year (or the worst - see Lou Reed & Metallica).  Expose a fraudulent company, or inform us about a recent business acquisition (ex. Hershey's owns Dagoba chocolate, or General Mills owns many small organic food brands).  Write about the headlines and let's have a dialogue.