What we're involved in...

We decide our own level of involvement in life, yet I'm not sure we have anything to do with what we're involved in. Where we're born, who we're raised by, what kind of primary education we get, and the personal capacities that education brings to the forefront is entirely out of our control (unless you have hippy mother earth unschooling parents who allowed you to choose your style of education, which sounds rather exciting). Anyway, our upbringing is generally directed by adults, and influences the lifestyle choices that we face upon becoming an adult ourselves. Our personal will seems to start kicking in during high school, when we gain more freedoms from both the state and our parents. We're meant to possess the skills to determine our own course once we hit age twenty-one, yet I believe we're born with the talents that are developed throughout our school/college years, making one's involvement in a lifestyle a matter of priority and passion.