Rebuttal: Hidden Cost of Burgers

This is a recent article on about the downside of utilizing cows as a source of food. I have a response that is too long to post on the site, so I've put it here. "The Hidden Cost of Burgers: Your Quarter Pounder Needs 450 Gallons of Water" This article/video is alarmist - meaning it's hyperbole meant to evoke authentic anger, when in fact the fundamental issue is not whether humans eat beef, but how we humans raise and feed our supply of beef (or all food, for that matter). For one thing, the methane that cows produce is absorbed by TREES, which we cut down to grow shit crops like soy and corn and oats - all the "cereal grains" that are now in everything in some form. If humans didn't eat grains in the absurd quantities that we do, we could continue to raise animal food sources using the methods that our ancestors used - grazing, herding & roaming. It takes a lot of work. It requires much of our time and skill to produce food in a fair, respectful, holistic, nurturing, sustainable and just way - we've just grown accustomed to ignoring where our food comes from, how it was made, and what good it does for us. Listen, this is YOUR HEALTH! This is your energy, your vitality, your future, your home planet. We need to eat, and we need to feed every mouth (even though population growth is a separate debate altogether). We need to produce the food we eat with regard to the health of the earth; of the soil; of the air; of the water. If we can't see past spending more than $3.oo for a quarter pound of beef + cheese + lettuce + bun, we're absolutely fucked. The price of food needs to reclaim the number one spot on our list of priorities - it should be the biggest cost for you and your family - that ensures that farmers get enough money to continue taking care of the land for you, since you've chosen to work in an office on the 42nd floor writing documents for a company in Sweden that makes athletic shoes manufactured in Taiwan and sold in the U.S. (how many steps will we take to reduce our costs and our accountability?). How close will we allow ourselves to come upon the brink of self-destruction? I have separate qualms with the recently concluded Batman trilogy of movies, yet it's focus has been entirely on this kind of imbalance in the allocation of wealth and the misappropriation of the world's resources towards those with power, which can only lead to annihilation of the entire population. Thoughts, questions, responses???